Ken's Cats Fish & Market

People often ask me why my two rescue cats are called Fish and Market.

I found them in a a ditch when they were tiny kittens. They were very sick and very skinny and alone in the ditch, and crying in the rain.

My dad said the house is already full, and let me bring them home on the condition that I release them at a nearby fish market when they are healthy and big enough. Because there are always scraps of fish on the floor at the fish market, he said they'd be fine living at the fish market.

He made me call them Fish and Market so I wouldn't forget our deal!

At first we thought they were hairless because of malnutrition and disease. But when they grew healthier and bigger and still didn't grow any fur, I knew they were a special breed of cat without fur. My dad didn't believe me until the vet told him they are probably sphinxes.

I love my hairless cats but people at the fish market might think they are diseased or something because of the weird way they look. Cats here in my neighborhood all have fur. I have never seen a hairless cat in our neighborhood (it's a mystery where Fish and Market came from and how they ended up in the ditch near our house). It was clear that if we release them at the fish market, they would get shooed away with broomsticks.

So Market (in the photo with me) and his sister Fish are with me to this day. Even my dad likes them now, although he calls them "crats" (half cat, half rat). Market is a very friendly cat and sounds different from most cats. He now has patches of fur on his face and tummy and forearms. Fish is very shy but loves to be carried around.

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