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Chicken Thighs (1 kg)

PHP 160 or US$ 3

The shelter has the honor of serving the pickiest dog in the universe, aka Cooper. We used to feed him blended food with a syringe, for several months, but recently switched to solid food. He won't touch anything except pan-fried chicken and, occasionally, when he's in the mood, pan-fried chicken liver. Cooked chicken, he won't even lick. It has to be fried. He won't even bother sniffing beef, pork, or anything else. For this reason we buy a lot of chicken for frying, every day. It is expensive, it is time-consuming, it is something we'd rather not do, but the alternative is letting Cooper steadily lose weight until he gets sick.

We also give some of the pan-fried chicken to Professor, who is also picky and still recuperating from various illnesses.


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