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Recovery (5 Cans)

PHP 900 or US$ 18

Recovery is a semi-solid canned dog and cat food made by Royal Canin, intended for recuperating animals. It has the consistency of baby food, making it easy to administer orally via syringe, and it is considered to be highly nutritious and easy to digest.

When animals aren't eating, or are too sick to eat, Recovery saves the day. There are numerous animals in our shelter who would probably be dead if it weren't for Recovery.

For this reason, we like to maintain as large as possible a reserve of Recovery, so that we can deploy it when needed even if cash funding is tight.

Unfortunately it is extremely expensive. There is an alternative brand made by Hills Science Diet, but it is even more expensive. Luckily we are able to obtain it at a lower price than regular consumers, thanks to the support of local vets.


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