We Rescued a Burn Victim
Posted by Admin Date April 15, 2016
A little tabby cat was sitting on a ledge near our treasurer's house.

This is the ledge we found him on.

Since he was so cute, we reached out to pet him. When he turned, a large wound was revealed on his neck.

In addition to this wound, he had some fur missing on his neck and abdomen.

He was also very thin. He was clearly in need of rescuing, and we brought him to the shelter immediately.

He panicked on the ride back to the shelter, but calmed down after being wrapped in a towel.

Waiting in a carrier for his digs to be readied.

Ken named him Muffin. He is such a cute little guy.

He needed no encouragement to start eating. The little guy was starving.

Later we took him to a clinic. The vet said his injury appeared consistent with scalding. The most likely theory is that he was stealing food, such as a fish, and was punished with whatever was on the stove at the time (hot water or oil).

The full extent of the injury is only apparent when the head is turned away from the body.

We named him Muffin and have been caring for him for exactly one week now. His wound is cleaned twice a day. Muffin is a lovable little guy and stoically puts up with the debridement, even though it is probably extremely painful.

To accelerate the healing process, he gets vitamins and cefalexin, which he hates.

Muffin really hates his strawberry-flavored cefalexin.

He also gets food. Lots and lots of food. Muffin broke the shelter record for the amount of cat food consumed in one day, and gained 500g (more than a pound) in just three days. We are continually amazed by Muffin's ability to put food away, whether canned or kibble. Even after deworming, Muffin showed no signs of slowing down.

Over the course of one week, some missing fur grew back and the wound shrank a little. Muffin will be going back to the clinic for an assessment soon, and hopefully his wound will continue to shrink until it's gone.

After one week, the wound is still gruesome but a little smaller.

Thank you to our donor community for making it possible for the shelter to rescue and take care of Muffin, and other animals in need.

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