We Captured a Bunch of Cats and Neutered/Spayed Them!
Posted by Admin Date December 22, 2015
Every neighborhood in the Philippines has at least one eatery, and every eatery has an extended family of feral cats hanging around. They survive on fish bones and other leftovers. Because competition for food is intense, most of the cats are in bad shape. They are scrawny, and often dirty, because they don't have the energy to groom themselves.

At our local eatery, where we buy monggo bean soup for just 15 pesos (about $0.30) almost daily, there is just one cat in fairly good shape. Her name is Honey, and we captured and spayed her one year ago, in December, 2014. Since she doesn't have to give birth and look after a new litter of kittens every six months, she needs less food, and is happy and content.

Honey is one of numerous cats who hangs out by the eatery where we often buy food. Spayed back in December, 2014, she is in better shape than any of the other cats.

Unfortunately, spaying is normally quite expensive, and we couldn't afford to do all the cats.

That's why we were excited when we heard about the Kat Closet, which organizes low-cost spay/neuter events every now and then. The events are hugely popular because the cost of sterilizing a cat is prohibitive for most people. Several vets (Doctors Bayani and Clarence of Animal Wellness, Doctor Joanna of Pet First, and others) volunteer their services during the event, making it possible for cats to get spayed or neutered for a flat fee of just 500 pesos (about $11). That's about a quarter of what you normally pay to neuter a male cat, and just a fraction of what it normally costs to get a female cat spayed! The events are limited to mixed-breed cats only.

We took advantage of the latest event, called Happy Meowlidays and held on December 13th, to get a bunch of cats from our local neighborhood eatery neutered and spayed.

Thank you to Katrina of theKatCloset, Doc Bayani, Doc Joanna, and all the other staff and volunteers who made this event possible! Thank you also to our donors, thanks to whom we were able to pay for the operations and feed the cats for one week! When there is so much goodwill, amazing things can happen!

This little cat couldn't be neutered because the vets said he wasn't fit enough. He's now recuperating at the shelter.

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