This Girl Needs a Name! [UPDATED]
Posted by Admin Date November 26, 2015
A female kitten was rescued under unusual circumstances a couple of weeks ago. Normally, we find abandoned kittens by the roadside, in desperate need of attention and getting none. But this kitten was getting a lot of attention - from a woman hitting her with a broom. She was terrified when we brought her to the shelter. It was three days before we could touch the kitten without getting hissed at, but thankfully she has recovered and is now a normal, playful kitten.

There's just one problem: we don't have a name for this kitten, so we've just been calling her Girlie. Please help give this kitten a proper name, by participating in our NameRaiser!

Here's how it'll work.

Suggest a name for the kitten when making a donation to the shelter here. Whoever donated the largest amount will have named the kitten. That's it! However, there is a slight twist: of all the name suggestions, Ken will pick his personal favorite and the donation amount for that name will be tripled. His second-favorite will have the donation amount doubled. Got a nice name? Click here to name the kitten!

UPDATE: The kitten has been named Iris!

The pretty kitten now has a pretty name, and it's Iris! Congratulations to Cheryl for choosing the winning name!

Thank you to all those who participated and donated. Your donations helped keep the shelter going for another week! We received a lot of awesome names, and Ken had a hard time choosing his favorites.

Some of the great names suggested were Izzy, Spirit, Laela, Olivia, Cupcake, and Cutie.

We were amazed at your ability to come up with unique, cutting-edge, yet very cute names: Muji, Crash Bandicoot, Milkshake, Frau Mul, Sweep, and Della Mae.

Three interesting coincidences are worth mentioning: Mike D suggested EM (for the 'M' on her head) and an anonymous donor suggested EN. Drea Bradshaw suggested Tiger and Brian came up with Tigerpaw. Clare Quinlan named her Toad, and Marissa said Willow. Wow!

With the holiday season looming, we got a number of festive suggestions including Merry, Gizmo, and Mishka, which Eirene Georgakakou explained means "Gift of Love." Thank you everyone for your wonderful suggestions and for supporting the shelter!

Hi! I'm... I, I don't know... What's my name?
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