The Story of Friendster, the Friendly Dog
Posted by Admin Date December 6, 2015
On Saturdays or holidays, time allowing, it is Happy Animals Club policy to try and take one of the shelter dogs to the park or the beach. They love to be taken off the leash and allowed to run around.

On October 25, when we took Pascal to the park, we encountered a friendly dog at the park. He just approached us and started hanging around, wagging his tail. Since he was so friendly, we nicknamed him Friendster.

We saw Friendster sniffing Pascal's water, so we gave it to him. He must have been really thirsty because he drank like a camel. He drank and drank and drank, emptying the bowl twice. We then gave him some food.

He drank two bowls of water and ate a lot of dog food

Friendster was riddled with lice, and had lots of fur missing because he kept scratching and gnawing at the lice. He also had an old rope tied tightly around on his neck, which had caused rashes.

We didn't have any anti-lice medicine with us, so after taking Pascal back to the shelter, we bought a spot applicator at the veterinary clinic and went back to the park. Unfortunately it was already dark by that time, and we couldn't find him.

So we went back the next day, this time with Einstein in tow. Here's a picture of Einstein relaxing at the park.

Einstein enjoying nature.

We walked Einstein the length and breadth of the park, but couldn't find Friendster. We then remembered that he is a social dog, and started checking out the people at the park. We finally found Friendster lying down under a car belonging to some guys flying drones.

We'd run out of dog food, so we fed him cat food, and applied the anti-lice medicine. We also cut off the old rope that was tied around his neck.

Friendster kept scratching and biting himself because of the lice.

We said goodbye to Friendster and promised we'd visit him again soon.

About 10 days later, we went back to the park. Friendster was there! His lice were gone, and his fur had already started growing back. He was happy to see Ken and Ken was delighted to see him. Ken fed him two cans right away.

After just 10 days, Friendster was lice-free and in much better shape

They then started running around in the park.

Friendster was happy in the park, and we would have preferred to leave him there.

However, it just so happens that the City Pound is right next to the park. It's literally 2 minutes away. Also, because the park is home to a regional tourist attraction, it is likely that the dog catchers from the City Pound come to the park regularly. We were also told by a park worker that the park's security guards shoot stray dogs (the worker, Chito, said he adopted a dog that was shot and named him Bandido).

By this time we'd realized just how special a dog Friendster is. We couldn't bear the thought of him being executed. So we decided to bring him to the shelter. We knew that he would miss his freedom, but we promised him that we would take him to the park at least once a month.

So far, we've kept that promise.

Friendster at the shelter, with his coat looking much better
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