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Posted by Admin Date July 4, 2014 Retroactive Update Posted July 28, 2015
When establishing the shelter, we knew we needed a truck. The cheapest kind of truck is a mini-truck known as a Multicab. These little trucks come from Japan with a lot of mileage already on them. They are then converted to left-hand drive.

We spent three days looking for a truck. Just about every shop we went to was asking for at least 160,000 pesos, and most of them were asking for more. Some even asked for p220,000. But we didn't want to waste donations intended for the animals on an overpriced used truck. So we kept looking.

Eventually we came across Mr Robert Lee who runs a small but tight operation. His crew does all the work on the truck themselves, so there is less overhead involved. Robert told us they only have a small display lot, so he can't have the trucks sitting on his lot for a long time - to move the trucks out as quickly as possible, he keeps prices low. We paid p135,000 for the truck, including the registration. Ken was excited about the truck and we went back numerous times to check on its progress.

The truck has served us well. We initially used it to haul construction materials like lumber and cement. Nowadays we use it every day to haul supplies for making dog food, and to shuttle animals back and forth from the veterinary clinic.

The truck with a coat of primer, after conversion from right-hand drive.
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