The Chillest Cat in the Country
Posted by Admin Date April 29, 2015 Retroactive Update Posted July 25, 2015
We decided to take some photos of Ying and Yang's distended bellies, to show how much they'd been eating.

Ying and Yang are very good eaters! Check out his tummy.

Then something amazing happened. We found out that Yang thinks Ken is his own personal recliner. Yang relaxed on Ken's lap and didn't budge an inch for the longest time.

This is Yang, who knows how to relax like no other cat.

Yang chillaxing.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the one and only, Yang.

This is what you would call a cool cat.

Yang casually surveying the world from his own personal barcalounger.

Cats who don't sit like this don't know what they're missing.

Ken couldn't stop laughing.

All he needs is a remote and a drink with a little umbrella in it.

Somebody give this cat some nachos.

His royal majesty Emperor Yang is not amused but oh so very relaxed.
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