The Bridge
Posted by Admin Date June 20, 2015
We noticed that the dogs were getting bored. They do get toys but the toys are rapidly chewed up into bits and pieces and turned into choking hazards. Ken wanted his crew to build something permanent for them to play with.

Ken came up with all manner of ambitious projects, but for the sake of simplicity and economy, we eventually decided to build them a bridge.

The bridge was designed by Ken, and he also specified the colors. Normally we don't spend money on paint as dogs (probably) don't appreciate paint, but since Ken wanted to share the bridge project with the world, we decided to make it look nice.

Specifying the colors for the bridge

Ken wanted to do the painting himself but he had school so the guys did it.

The completed bridge sat in the porch for almost a month. We waited - and waited and waited - for the right conditions for filming a video of the moment the dogs first discovered it. Most of the time it was too bright. One day, it was just perfect - partially cloudy - but when we got to the club with a fully charged camcorder, a birthday party was in full swing next door, and the noise of the karaoke made filming impossible.

Finally the day came for putting the bridge in the dog yard. By this time the dog yard had been divided into Dog Yard 1 and Dog Yard 2. This turned out to be a good thing because having all the dogs on the platform at the same time would surely have been a safety hazard.

We locked up the dogs in cages and put the bridge in place. Then we let the dogs out. They were extremely excited but also fearful. We eagerly waited to see who would be the first to scale the summit. To our surprise, it was none other than little puppy Maia. The rest didn't want to go up until Ken climbed the bridge to show them how to do it. Boss dog Whitey went up right away, and one by one they all ascended to the summit.

The bridge continues to be a favorite source of entertainment. Ninja, especially, likes to run up, take in the view, and run down. It was a bit of a gamble, in terms of time and money invested, but it paid off many times over.

Little Maia was the first to make it to the top.
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