Sweety Pie's Road to Recovery
Posted by Admin Date October 31, 2015
On October 14, Ken saw a dog with a large open wound. She was approachable and friendly, and had chafing on her neck due to the chain she was dragging around. After asking around in the neighborhood, we ascertained that the dog had been abandoned, probably because of her horrendous wound.

Ken named the dog Sweety Pie, because of her sweet personality. We took her to the vet who diagnosed TVT. This is a form of cancer that is transmitted from dog to dog. The cells that make up the tumor are not her own, so the success rate of treatment is high.

We scheduled a surgery to remove the tumor as soon as possible, and her first chemotherapy injection one week later. We were able to pay for the operation thanks to donors who responded to a post on Facebook. Sweety will now need several stretches of chemo for about a year.

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