Shrine Puppies Then and Now
Posted by Admin Date July 28, 2015
On December 19, 2014, Ken rescued six puppies from the road leading up to a church called Shrine Hills. He initially found five, but went back later on a hunch that there might be stragglers: and there was one, a little fellow Ken later named Newton.

All six puppies were extremely emaciated. They lacked fur and looked like oversized rats that had survived a nuclear war.

Here's the photo we posted last year.

Feeding the puppies at Shrine Hills.

Their transformation has been stunning. They ate well and grew strong and healthy. Due to their terrible condition when they were rescued, we half expected to lose one or two, but thanks to the funding made available to the Happy Animals Club by our generous donors - we never once had to stint on medical care or dog food - and the dedication of our staff, each and every one of them turned into a head-turner.

Here they are in alphabetical order.




Pascal aka Baby Pascal



All of these puppies are now ready to become part of a family If you are interested in adopting any or all of these puppies, please get in touch with us about starting the adoption process. Please note that Ken and his staff love these puppies very much, and we will be careful to ensure that the puppies only go to families that will take top-notch care of them.

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