Puppy Rescue at Shrine Hills
Posted by Ken Date December 26, 2014
I saw some puppies at the roadside. Someone had abandoned them near a church called Shrine Hills. But nobody got them for weeks, so they were all very skinny and starving. I always keep dog food in the car and I fed them all of it.

I then went to the Happy Animals Club to get the truck and rescued them right away. Luckily they were all still there, and we even found another one! There are six puppies and all of them are boys. I named them Newton, Einstein, Tesla, Bohr, Planck, and Pascal. Here they are at Apartment 1.

One of the puppies was so weak he couldn't eat. We used a syringe to feed him Recovery, which is a special dog food for sick dogs, until he started eating. He's still smaller than the others, but he's okay now.

Correction Update: It turned out that Planck is actually a girl!

Feeding the puppies at Shrine Hills.
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