Professor's Road to Recovery
Posted by Admin Date June 8, 2016
On February 14, 2016, we rescued a little dog in very poor condition. He was extremely emaciated and covered in fleas. He also had ehrlichiosis, mange, a fungal infection, teeth that were falling out due to malnutrition, a large abscess which later burst, and, worst of all, a severe worm infestation, which affected his digestion, causing chronic diarrhea and dehydration.

We named him Professor. We learned that Professor is a fighter. Day in, day out, he stoically endured his treatment. The odds were stacked against him. And they kept getting worse. First necrotic tissue on his behind fell off, leaving a large exposed wound that couldn't be stitched (he didn't have enough skin left, and he was too weak for surgery). Then his platelet count dropped all the way down to 28. This means he had to fight a near-fatal case of ehrlichiosis, a bacterial infection, malnutrition, and worms all at the same time.

But he clung on.

Our vet helped us a lot, our supporters funded Professor's treatment and food, and the shelter crew worked around the clock to do everything possible to aid his recovery. We zealously debrided his wound, and constantly cleaned his butt, to prevent his wound from getting infected. He was on multiple antibiotics, vitamins, probiotics, and a special type of canned food for sick animals called Royal Canin Recovery, which we fed by syringe four times a day. He was too weak to endure a deworming, and he was at near-constant risk of sepsis. But bit by bit, he got better.

Now - June, 2016 - he is well on his way to a full recovery. He has gained weight, his fur has grown back and his remaining teeth aren't wobbly anymore. He has turned into a playful little lapdog, the first lapdog in the shelter.

Professor weighed just 3.8 kilos or about 8 pounds.

From above you can see how thin he was. The pelvic bones and spine are clearly visible. He was literally just skin and bones.

Covered in fleas.

Professor getting fed a can of Recovery. He can eat two cans a day, but we only gave him half a can at a time, otherwise he'd vomit it up.

At this stage, he was always cold and looked pretty miserable. The dark spot near his tail is necrotic skin that would soon fall off, resulting in a sizeable open wound.

The sight of Professor eating and drinking always gave us joy.

The abscess on his backside burst, leaving an exposed wound. This was a challenge, because he also had digestive problems, resulting in a near constant dribbling of diarrhea.

It took a really long time, but the wound stopped growing, and then gradually started to close.

We discovered that Professor loves getting belly rubs.

His fur started to grow back.

His fur kept growing. And growing.

On the way back from the vet.

By May, he was really fluffy.

This is Professor now.

He almost doubled in weight since being rescued.

Professor bonded with the crew, and went from being a zombie dog to a friendly lapdog who loves to run up and greet people he knows.

A big thank you to Doc Bayani's Animal Wellness Clinic for expert medical care, and to Dr Clarence and Janet Hawkins of New York for advice on debridement. Special thanks to everyone who donated to support Professor's recovery, in particular to all the donors who support the shelter with a monthly recurring donation. If it weren't for you guys, we wouldn't even be here anymore.

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