Professor Has Survived One Week!
Posted by Admin Date February 21, 2016
We found the thinnest dog we've ever seen trotting along the street just outside the club. The animal shelter is pretty crowded these days, but it would have been too unjust for this little dog to collapse and die in a ditch just yards away from the only no-kill animal shelter in the entire region, so we fed him half a can of Pedigree to ascertain that he is friendly, and brought him inside the compound right away.

Professor weighed just 3.8 kilos or about 8 pounds.

He has a mane of white hair and a frumpy look about him, so we named him Professor.

From above you can see how thin he was. The pelvic bones and spine are clearly visible. He was literally just skin and bones.

Professor holds the world record not just for emaciation, but also for the number of fleas on his body. Even though you're not supposed to give a bath to a dog this weak, we gave him a bath in hot water to get rid of the fleas, and toweled him dry.

Covered in fleas.

After a week at the club, Professor hasn't gained any weight. However, he is still alive, which we consider a victory. The sudden intake of food weakened him, something we've seen before. The theory is that he was wasting away, but relatively unaffected while his body was substisting by cannibalizing its own muscle tissue; when given food, the parasitic worms in his gut came to life, weakening him.

He's always cold and sleeps curled up like this.

His digestion is very poor - we feed him Recovery, and what comes out his butt resembles Recovery in both look and smell. He also leaks poop, so he needs to be cleaned up, like an infant.

Washing Professor's butt late at night.

Professor leaks poop from his butt and we wash his behind several times a day. Here we are warming him up in the sun after a morning wash.

Professor desperately needs to be dewormed, but a deworming right now would kill him instantly. Even healthy dogs bleed and suffer when dewormed, if they are heavily infested with worms.

It requires patience: we are feeding him every day with a syringe, and giving him oral rehydration solution, glucose, nutrition supplements, vitamins, probiotics, and antibiotics, in the hope that he will get a little bit stronger so that we can safely start the deworming process.

We'd also like to take him to the vet as soon as funds are available. Thank you to Buttons' owner for picking up our tab at the clinic!

Professor getting fed a can of Recovery. He can eat two cans a day, but we only gave him half a can at a time, otherwise he'd vomit it up.

Professor showing everybody who's boss. This was actually the first time he produced anything resembling formed stool, so we were very happy.
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