Mama and Baby Rescue
Posted by Admin Date June 16, 2016
We were in the city to get some documents when we saw a small calico kitten lying in a flower pot in front of Better Components, a store selling musical instruments. Ken touched her to see if she was still alive, and immediately gasped. She was so thin. Her spine was jagged and sharp beneath her skin.

We initially assumed that she had been dumped, and, with no-one to look after her, was slowly starving to death since. But talking to the employees and security guard of the store, we found that she had a mother, but no siblings.

While we were holding the kitten and talking to the security guard, the mother kitten showed up, presumably to check on her kitten. She was just as skinny as her daughter. It's been a long time since we've seen a cat that emaciated.

There are many stray cats around, and the most we do normally is feed them. They don't have awesome lives on the street, but most of them can fend for themselves. But these two were in such terrible shape that it was obvious they wouldn't survive much longer if left on their own. It seemed a miracle that they were even still alive.

The mama cat was frail but feisty. Terrified, she hissed and clawed. Two years ago, capturing the mother cat would have proven difficult. But Ken now has a lot of experience in handling cats, and quickly managed to pick her up without injury. We brought mama and her baby straight to the shelter.

We found a kitten and her mother, both clearly suffering from advanced starvation. The mother cat was wary, but thankfully didn't go into hiding.

She seemed desperate yet terrified. Many people here shoo stray cats away quite roughly, which causes them to fear humans.

On the way to the shelter. Afraid at first, the kitten quickly grew to trust Ken as he petted her and chatted quietly with her. We've learned that, when dealing with a terrified animal, it helps to talk to the animal as if it understands human language.

While waiting for their accommodations to be readied, the baby cat started nursing on the mama cat. It was unbelievable that the mama cat could produce any milk in her condition.

She is so skinny that you can see the skeletal structure. Her baby is just as thin.

Mama cat ate half a can of Friskies. Not enough, but it was a relief to learn that she wasn't too sick to eat. Baby kitten was interested in the food, but didn't quite know what to do with it. We fed both of them a can of Recovery with syringes, 3ml for the mama and 1ml for the baby.

Apparently satisfied with her dinner, mama cat kept licking her chops.

Tired from their adventure and content after dinner, mama cat and her baby quickly fell asleep.

Ken named the kitten Melody and her mother Symphony, since they were found outside a musical instruments store.

We are extremely grateful to our donors that we were able to rescue these two cats without hesitation. The shelter had Recovery, Friskies, and multivitamins on hand. Thank you to everyone who supports the shelter, making it possible for us to do what we do.

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