Lola's Operation
Posted by Admin Date June 18, 2015
About half a year after she gave birth, we took Lola to the vet for an ovarian hysterectomy. The operation went badly and she was in surgery for about six hours. Everyone was terrified but she survived. Dr Gibb said there was a lot of bleeding and it took a lot of time to deal with that.

She had lost a lot of blood so we took her home so we could monitor her at nighttime and take better care of her. After about a day she took a liking to Ken's bed and never moved from it, even when he was in school.

It was a busy time for us because she was vomiting a lot, initially due to the post-op nausea and later due to sensitivity to Ciprofloxacin (which we replaced with a different antibiotic). Our washing machine sure earned its keep that week.

After a week she was finally doing well enough to go back to the club. She was clearly overjoyed to see her puppies again and the puppies were all over her as well.

Lola two days after the operation. She never budged from Ken's bed, except to eat, drink, and go to the toilet.
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