Introducing: Ridiculously Photogenic Kitten
Posted by Admin Date September 7, 2015
Not for the first time, someone dumped a kitten outside Happy Animals Club, at the foot of a banana tree next to the corner of the shelter. Ken heard it meowing on the other side of the compound wall. Since the kitten was riddled with fleas, we wrapped it in a towel - to prevent the fleas from jumping on to the cats in the Cat House - and took it straight to the bath.

Just a few minutes after he was rescued. He had about a hundred fleas on him at this point. Thankfully he was only a bit skinny, not emaciated, so it was okay to give him a bath.

Ken named the kitten Scotch. It's pretty irresponsible to abandon a kitten, but the joke's on whoever dumped Scotch, because after getting cleaned up Scotch revealed himself to be a world-class model.

Here are some photos of the ridiculously photogenic kitten, Scotch, representing Happy Animals Club. Enjoy!

Scotch after spending a couple of weeks at the club.

His immunization isn't complete, so for now Scotch is in his own cage with deluxe condo (actually a cardboard box), kitty litter, and plush carpet (actually a towel).

Scotch getting sleepy after a gruelling photo shoot.

Believe it or not, Scotch is up for adoption! If you are ready to give Scotch a loving and fittingly glamorous home, please get in touch and our Adoptions Coordinator will guide you through the process. UPDATE: Scotch has been adopted!

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