How to Walk a Dog in a Tropical Country
Posted by Admin Date July 25, 2015
Humans need exercise for their physical health, but dogs need exercise for their mental health. If a dog doesn't get enough exercise, it will bark like crazy and destroy things. Since Blackie lives in a pen all by herself, she gets at least one walk every day. We also try to walk as many of the other dogs as possible, so they can impress people looking to adopt dogs.

Here's how to walk a dog in a hot country like the Philippines.

Step 1: Drink water. It's important to keep yourself hydrated so you can take good care of your dog.

Step 2: Wear a hat. Minimize the risk of sunstroke.

Step 3: Wet the pet. This is very important because dogs can't sweat. The only way they can cool their bodies is by panting, or lying down on the ground. Soaking the dog with water is very important to avoid heatstroke.

Step 4: Go walking!
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