How to Make a Birthday Cake for Dogs
Posted by Ken Date July 1, 2014 Retroactive Update Posted July 11, 2015
I decided to celebrate my birthday this year with the dogs the people around the world helped me rescue from the streets. Since normal cake contains sugar and is bad for dogs, I made a cake that is both healthy and yummy for dogs.

The first step to making a cake for dogs is to get cans of dog food, the kind that is not chunky, and more like a meatloaf or luncheon meat. I used Pedigree but you can use any kind. Scrape the food out of the cans and put it all in a bowl, and then microwave it until it becomes liquid.

What the dog food looks like after heating in the microwave.

The next step is to transfer the goop into a mold. Careful! The bowl will be very hot.

I'm about to transfer the liquid dog food into a nice mold.

After the transfer to the mold, let the dog food cool down so it becomes solid again. It will be a bit like a jelly.

The dog food is in the mold!

Then turn it upside down and put it on a serving plate, and you're done! You have to be very patient, because it takes a long time for the dog food to cool down all the way. But if your cake collapses, then don't worry - just warm it up all over again and start over!

The candle represents one decade!

I couldn't wait to give the dogs the cake I made for them. They loved the cake and celebrated with me by eating heartily.

The birthday party in full swing
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