Help Us Name These Kittens! [UPDATED]
Posted by Admin Date November 13, 2015
Two small kittens were rescued from the roadside on Friday, November 6. The two kittens, both boys, are the shelter's 23rd and 24th cats.

Ken heard two kittens meowing in the bushes. He didn't know if the mother cat was gone hunting for food, or if the kittens had been dumped there by someone, so the original plan was to feed them and come back the next day to confirm that they had been orphaned. But the kittens had other ideas.

We documented the rescue on video.

We now need your help in naming these kittens! We've come up with the idea of holding a NameRaiser to name the kittens and raise funds for the shelter's operations.

Here's how it'll work.

Suggest a pair of names for the kittens when making a donation. Whoever donated the largest amount will have named the kittens. It's that simple! However, there is a slight twist: of all the name suggestions, Ken will pick his personal favorite and the donation amount for that name will be tripled. His second-favorite will have the donation amount doubled. Got a pair of good names? Click here to name the kittens! Remember, you need to specify TWO names, one for each lil bro!

UPDATE: The Kittens have been named Paco and Chachie!

Congratulations and thanks to donor Julie Krawczyk for coming up with a pair of great names! Paco and Chachie are awesome names for these handsome felines.

We received a large number of entries and Ken had a hard time choosing his favorite names. His top picks were Milo and Otis, and Alfie and Theo.

Other really awesome names suggested were: Larry and Walter, Clarence and Chauncey, Moe and Joe, Rolo and Tico, Sammy and Simon, Moby and Toby, Tiger and Max, and Waffles and Willy.

Quite a few names were delightfully playful and clever: Ash and Coal, Mario and Luigi, Ben and Jerry, R2D2 and C3PO, Pawrry and Pawtter, to name just a few.

Some of the names were extra cool for a couple of cool cats: Hikaru and Sora, Zeebee and Zoey, and Katia and Luna.

An Anonymous Donor out there thinks like Ken and came up with Bubbles and Pete - probably not knowing that Ken already named one of the rescue cats Bubblz.

Last but not least, honorable mention goes to Lisa who said, "Let's name them after their dad!" and suggested I-Ken and Ken-do. That had us in stitches!

Thank you to everyone who participated in the NameRaiser and donated! Thanks to your generosity, we raised enough funds to keep the shelter operating for a whole week! This was a fun project and we hope to do it again soon.

The kittens after arriving at the shelter.
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