Happy Easter!
Posted by Admin Date March 27, 2016
This Easter, Ken decided to celebrate Easter by holding an Easter egg hunt for the shelter dogs. We made Easter eggs out of dog food, hid them around Dog Yard 1, and then let the dogs enjoy an egg hunt.

Preparation started on Saturday. We couldn't find any egg-shaped molds, so we decided to use actual eggs as molds. We started off by emptying eggs of their contents. You make two tiny holes in the egg using a nail, and blow hard into one hole. The egg yolk and egg white will come out of the other hole. The now hollow egg shell is then filled with water and emptied again, to rinse it clean, and one hole is taped up, so that it doesn't leak and in effect becomes a receptacle.

Next, we turned a can of dog food into glop using a blender, and carefully squirted it into the eggs using a syringe.

Filling the eggs with blended dog food

We then put the eggs in the refrigerator overnight. On Easter Sunday, we excitedly peeled off the egg shells, as you would do with boiled eggs.

Intact egg shells containing puréed dog food.

Peeling the eggs after chilling them overnight.

The result was disappointing. Canned dog food contains a lot of gelling agents, but blending the dog food apparently destroyed their efficacy. The peeled egg was far too soft and didn't retain any egg-like shape.

The result was unacceptably mushy. We had to start over.

By this time it was noon on Easter Sunday, and we were losing daylight fast.

Since we were running low on cat food, we decided to take a break, go buy canned cat food, and brainstorm on how to proceed while waiting in line at the grocery store (the lines are always long on Sundays).

Luckily, the problem solved itself when we found plastic egg-shaped molds at the store.

Egg-shaped molds we managed to acquire around noontime on Easter Sunday.

The molds consist of two halves each.

We placed the molds in an egg tray.

We heated a fresh can of dog food until it became liquid, and carefully spooned the dog food into the molds. The process was pretty much the same as making a birthday cake for dogs.

Filling the molds with liquefied dog food.

After two hours of refrigeration, we put the two halves together, and placed the eggs on banana leaves, to keep them clean. (Banana leaves have traditionally been used as plates in the Philippines.)

Joining two halves and placing the resulting eggs on banana leaves.

It was time to start the hunt. We crammed all the dogs into the 'airlock' (the space between the double doors leading to the dog yard), and hid the eggs throughout Dog Yard 1. We only had enough eggs for one of the dog yards. This being the first time we'd held an Easter egg hunt, we had no idea if the dogs would even look for the eggs, let alone find them.

One of the eggs was hidden in the little hut.

Another egg went behind the hut's foot.

Finally it was time for the Easter egg hunt to get underway. We opened the airlock and the dogs tumbled out into the dog yard.

The first dog to find an egg was Einstein. He also found the one on the bridge later.

Two of the eggs were found by Einstein

The Easter egg hunt for dogs was a lot of fun and we hope to do it every year. It is very hard to get mixed-breed dogs adopted here, so we try to make the lives of the shelter animals as enjoyable as possible.

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