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Thanks to generous donations from many people overseas, we were able to buy materials and hire a full-time carpenter. Here are some of the things we've built.

Dog Yards

Most dogs roam free in the dog yards. Soon after the club gained its first residents (Whitey, Brownie, and Rosie) it rained hard, and we found Whitey splashing about in ankle-deep water. So we took the dogs back to our garage and built some drainage canals.

The area got flooded when it rained, so we built drainage canals.

To curtail bullying and fighting between dogs that don't get along well, the dog yard was eventually divided into Dog Yard 1 and Dog Yard 2.

The boss entering Dog Yard 1

Proceeding from Dog Yard 1 to Dog Yard 2.

Each dog yard has a native hut where the dogs rest, drink, and eat. On hot days, the dogs will prefer to lay down under the huts, so we had a large proportion of the surface area paved with bricks. Red brick roads traverse both dog yards.

The bricks are not cemented down and can be loaded onto trucks if we need to move. The huts, too, are portable.

This photo was taken shortly after transferring the dogs from the garage in our home to the shelter. Ken and the dogs were very happy.

The Dog Yards are bounded by a wood fence.

The fence is so the dogs don't get run over when vehicles move in and out, and to prevent the dogs running out the gate. The tips are pointy so the posts don't get soggy when it rains.


There are two dog pens, Pen 1 and Pen 2. Dog pens consist of a picket fence sheathed in metal sheeting, a brick deck, and a wooden kennel. We originally intended to build more pens but switched to apartments instead, as attaining high standards of hygiene proved to be difficult in the pens.

This is Pen 1. Whitey is getting a snack from Ken.


The apartments are living units about three times as large as the biggest commercially available dog cage. The dogs in the apartments have room to move around. Apartments are used for housing post-operative dogs, sick dogs, vulnerable dogs such as puppies, and dogs with behavioral issues.

The first apartment under construction. Apartments are basically very large cages, raised off the ground.

Feeding Bays

Dogs that nibble at their food are fed in feeding bays. We have 2 custom-built feeding bays, and also use 3 commercially bought cages as feeding bays.

Cat House

The cats live indoors. Most cats stay in the main cat area. Two cats live in the Office, and more cats live in Rooms 1 and 2. The rooms are reserved for sick cats or kittens.

Cat Condo

The cat condo is for quarantining new arrivals, both for their own sake and for the protection of the cats already in the cat house. We previously used commercially bought cages, but these are too small except for kittens.

Cat Condo 1


The Happy Animals Club premises have two bathrooms, one exclusively for dogs and one for humans. The bathroom for dogs has a water heater. This is very important because many dogs who come to the club have mange. When giving a dog with mange a medicated bath, it is best to use warm water so the pores open up and the acaricide can soak into the skin.

The water heater is very important for fighting mange.

Even dogs who no longer have mange need to be bathed with acaricide every now and then, since dogs that had mange become susceptible to relapses.

Kitty Litter Shed

Sawdust is used as kitty litter, and stored in the shed. Actual kitty litter made of clay sand is imported from the US or Thailand, and it is prohibitively expensive at p700 per container, so we only use it for kittens, new arrivals, and sick cats.

This is the storage facility for fine sand, used as kitty litter. We have since switched to sawdust.


The Annex was previously used to house dogs with behavioral issues, as well as a Canine Distemper Virus quarantine area. Currently it is used exclusively as a cemetery.

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