Friends to the End
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Cappy and Bear were rescued together from the City Pound on December 23, 2014. Cappy was a small one-eyed dog who acted like a puppy. Bear was a big, friendly dog who at first seemed to be an elderly dog.

From left to right, Cappy, Bear, and Ken on Christmas Day, 2014

Despite being complete opposites, Cappy and Bear were good friends.

Cappy and Bear together in the dog carrier within their apartment.

It is unknown to us if the two of them were captured together, or whether they first met in jail. Either way, they were always together, so we housed them together in Apartment 1.

We discovered that Bear wasn't actually an elderly dog. Our vet said that Bear probably wore down his teeth while trying to gnaw his way out of a metal cage. Tragically, that wasn't the only thing wrong with him. He was emaciated, just skin and bones, and covered in lice and fleas. He had what we thought was a huge tumor on his butt, but it turned out to be his bladder. And worst of all, his kidneys were starting to fail.

Although Bear tested negative for Canine Distemper Virus, and we fed him Recovery and anything he would eat, he didn't gain weight. He eventually started vomiting the food we force-fed him with a syringe. We put him on Royal Canin brand Renal dog food intended for dogs with renal insufficiency, but he died unexpectedly at dawn the next morning.

Bear as we found him on the morning of January 16, 2015

By this time Cappy was very sick as well. He had a stubborn infection which had resisted three separate courses of antibiotics. His breathing was rapid even at rest, which is a very bad sign: the body is having trouble getting enough oxygen, usually due to a low hematocrit count.

Ken had taken Cappy home for intensive round-the-clock care. We were carrying Cappy around wherever we went, to make sure that he wouldn't die alone. He was weak and sometimes didn't even have energy to get up to go to the toilet, but was alert and aware of his surroundings.

When we dug Bear's grave, we placed Cappy in a small cage nearby.

While we were digging the grave, Cappy was mostly napping.

Digging a grave for a dog as big as Bear is hot and time-consuming work. It took a long time.

Bear was a big dog.

We left Cappy alone just for a few minutes while transferring Bear's body from Apartment 1 to the grave. After lowering Bear into the grave, we noticed that Cappy had somehow clambered out of his cage.

He came to Bear's graveside and kept going back and forth, making soft yipping noises. We don't know what he was trying to say, but we do know that Bear and Cappy were friends to the very end.

When we placed Bear in the grave, Cappy somehow climbed out of his cage and came to see his friend one last time.

Cappy stayed at Bear's grave and kept making soft whimpering noises.

Eventually, Cappy passed away too. One can only hope that in some way, their souls found each other again.

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