Posted by Ken Date October 30, 2015
On August 26, 2015, I saw a very thin cat sitting on the side of the road. When I went near her, she didn't move. I fed her a can of Friskies. I am thankful to the donors of Happy Animals Club because I always have at least one can of dog food and cat food with me.

Even though she was very thin, she was able to eat the cat food we gave her, so we were hopeful she was going to survive.

The cat ate the Friskies very quickly. She was extremely skinny, so I decided to take her to the club. When I grabbed her, she tried to get away, but she was very weak and couldn't move much, and she was easy to catch.

The fur on her face was hard and prickly because of a bad case of mange, but she had big clear eyes and she answered with meows when I talked to her. So I knew she was a sweet cat inside. I called her Durian, which is a fruit that grows here. It's covered by a thick hard prickly skin, but is soft and sweet on the inside.

Her fur was prickly and hard on the outside, but she seemed like a sweet cat

Here is a short clip, you can see here meowing and eating a little on the day she was rescued.

After she spent one day at the club, we noticed that her poop was the color of her food. She wasn't digesting her food properly. So we brought her home and fed her Recovery, which is a nutritious kind of soft food for cats and dogs who are sick, and also Nutri-Plus Gel, which is good for weak animals, and vitamins.

Me and members of my family took turns feeding her at night and during the day. But she didn't gain any weight, and after two days we found her not breathing. I was frustrated when she died because I knew she was going to become a really pretty and sweet cat.

We buried Durian in the pet cemetery in the shelter annex.

Durian being laid to rest

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