Daughter and Mother Rescue
Posted by Admin Date July 28, 2015
While hauling lumber to the club, we found a small starving puppy, accompanied by its mother, trotting along the roadside. They were maintaining a brisk pace, sniffing at garbage, scavenging for food.

There was no dog food in the truck at the time, so we bought a can of sardines and offered it to them. The mother dog bolted away, but the puppy quickly gobbled up the sardines. The puppy was in incredibly bad shape, so while it was eating we snatched it up and took it to the shelter. It started howling loudly when we grabbed it, but by this time the mother dog was nowhere in sight.

When Ken came to the shelter after school and found out about the circumstance's of the puppy's rescue, he told us we had to find the mother dog.

It took three days to track down the mother dog.

It then took two hours and five guys to corner the mother dog who, we discovered, has a phobia of humans. To date, the mother dog, whom we named Emily, is the only dog to have bitten humans at the club.

We finally got Emily and her puppy, whom we named Betty, reunited at the club.

Betty with her mother Emily. Emily was terrified of humans and refused to stay in the dog house we built for her.

Both mother and daughter are good eaters. Betty went through unbelievable amounts of dog food. Thanks to our generous donors, we did not ever have to ration dog food. The staff also worked hard to take good care of her, bathing her regularly. She now looks very different!

This is Betty today. She finally looks like a normal, healthy dog.

Meanwhile, Emily has become a little less paranoid over time. With a little bit of patience, we are now able to touch her, and even pick her up, without getting bitten. But she will probably have to stay at the shelter for the rest of her life.

Betty was ravenous and ate a lot, but she was also fearful of humans.
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