Cleopatra Rescue [UPDATED!]
Posted by Ken Date August 6, 2015
Over the past few days I kept seeing two tiny puppies on the way to school. They were just wandering around on the street, completely ignoring the traffic. They were in danger of getting run over, and they seemed to be skinnier every time I saw them. I decided to get them rescued.

Cleopatra is the one on the left. They are really tiny but they ate a whole can.

On the way to the club in a laundry basket.

Only one puppy was rescued today because the other one ran away. But I am happy that at least one of them had been rescued.

Cleopatra after her first bath. It was a long bath because she had a lot of lice, but she never complained.

The rescued puppy is a girl and she is very quiet. She doesn't fidget or fuss, looking this way and that the way most dogs do. She just gazes quietly. Even though she is tiny, she acts like a queen. So I named her Cleopatra.

Hopefully we can capture her brother or sister soon and reunite them at the club.

Baby Cleopatra!

Can you see how tiny she is?

I fed her dog food our crew cooked in the kitchen this morning. She liked it and ate a lot. Today's main menu was beef and liver.

Cleopatra is very thin and missing some fur. But she is not as sick as some of the other dogs that came to the club. I'm glad we were able to rescue her before her condition became really bad. Soon Cleopatra will be vaccinated, dewormed, and ready for adoption. I am grateful to everyone who supported the Happy Animals Club because otherwise this puppy would still be on the street.

UPDATE 8/8/2015

We were able to rescue the other puppy! He is a boy. I called him Ramses. He is calm like his sister, but more afraid.

As soon as I got Ramses I took him straight to the veterinary clinic for vaccination and deworming.

Ramses was very happy to be reunited with his sister! They are both at the club now and eating well. Today they finished a whole bowl of liver in one go!

Sister and brother together again at the shelter!
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