City Pound Rescue
Posted by Ken Date December 23, 2014
We rescued 8 dogs from the City Pound. These dogs were "expired" which means they were due for immediate execution because nobody had claimed them.

Two of the rescued dogs are currently under Intensive Care at the Happy Animals Club. The people at the pound told me not to choose these dogs. But I'm glad I did. Cappy (short for Pirate Captain) has only one eye but he is the most loving dog ever! He is still very sick but always wags his tail and he is very friendly.

The other dog, whom we named Bear, has no front teeth. We thought he is very old, but our vet told us that his front teeth were probably worn away because he was kept in a small cage and was trying to gnaw through the metal bars. It would have been too unfair for an abused dog like this to be killed by the pound after leading a miserable life. Bear is now healing very slowly. We have to feed him Recovery, a special dog food for recovering dogs, with a syringe, because he is too weak to eat by himself.

I wasn't able to save all the expired dogs at the pound but I fed the ones who got left behind as much Cesar brand luxury dog food as they could eat, so that they had at least one nice meal in their life. They ate about 30 packs. Unfortunately, the City Pound doesn't allow picture taking even with cellphones so I can't show you photos.

The 8 rescued dogs loaded onto the Happy Animals Club truck. We were planning to get only about 4 but we ended up getting 8 so they had to share boxes.
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