Churchie is Looking a Lot Better!
Posted by Admin Date March 17, 2016
When Churchie was first rescued, she was very skinny and had barely any fur. She was also very fearful of humans; she was only alive because she was paranoid and dashed into scrubland at the sight of all people (including dogcatchers).

After six months at the club, most of her fur has grown back, and she is looking a lot better. She became a very pretty dog!

Churchie was a difficult case because she had two problems. She had sarcoptic mange, which by itself is a tough condition to beat. Initially we were only treating her for that. But after getting better, her improvement ceased, and she still had bald patches, no matter how hard we worked to treat her.

It turns out that in addition to mange, she also had a fungal infection. Once we started treating that with myocide shampoo and itraconazole, she started improving again.

She is now much happier and less fearful, and even gets audibly jealous when her carers pet other dogs. She especially loves going for walks!

Thank you to all those who supported the shelter and Churchie's long road to recovery, and for your patience and donations while we nursed her back to health!

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