Churchie Finally Rescued!
Posted by Ken Date September 8, 2015
Churchie is a street dog I was feeding occasionally for almost a year.

On the way back from school, we pass by an evangelical church. Sometimes we'd see a bunch of skinny dogs hanging out in the parking lot, or on the street. That's because there is a dumpster near the church and the dogs can sometimes get food there.

One of the dogs was skinnier than the others, and she had mange. The mange gradually got worse. Once I started getting donations from overseas, I tried to feed her as often as possible, but she wasn't always there. I tried to make friends with her but I didn't see her often enough. Sometimes I wouldn't see her for weeks at a time.

I kept telling my dad to slow down because I want to feed "the dog by the church." This eventually became the "the church dog" and we just ended up calling her Church or Churchie.

Church was extremely shy. She'd stop eating and run away if I went nearer than 50 feet. After about a year of feeding, that became about 30 feet. The street dogs in this city are all very shy because the ones that don't run away get caught by the workers from the city pound. So only the ones that are really, really shy survive on the streets.

October 14, 2014. If we went any closer, she'd run away.

November 14, 2014

April 5, 2015

June 19, 2015

June 19, 2015. She was bleeding on her body and after feeding her on this day, we didn't see her anymore.

Church's mange got worse over time, and one time she was bleeding on the sides. After that we didn't see her for months. I was so worried about her. I kept going back to the church again and again for many weeks. Eventually I stopped checking. We all thought she had died.

But then one day on the way home from the grocery I saw a shape in the shadows, and went to take a closer look. It was her! She somehow survived. Her mange was even worse than before, and she was just as skinny, but she was alive. I started looking for her even on days when there was no school. She started showing up regularly, as if she was waiting for me!

August 14, 2015.

August 22, 2015

August 24, 2015

I then made it a top priority to rescue Churchie and bring her to the club, before she died for real this time. After trying unsuccessfully to catch her, we talked to some people living in a nearby village and asked their help in trapping her. We placed some food in a cage and told the villagers to call us at any time of day or night if Church was trapped in the cage.

That very same night we got a call, and brought her to the club. August 26, 2015, was a very happy day in the history of the Happy Animals Club because we had been waiting for this day for months and months! Church was finally rescued and brought to the club.

Church after arrival at the Happy Animals Club on August 26, 2015.

Church later squeezed through the bars in this cage. She was really skinny.

Church is now at the club and gaining weight. She already had a shot and she gets two medicated baths every week. Even though it is a lot of work taking care of her it will be worth it because I know she will be very pretty one day.

To help us take care of Church, please support Happy Animals Club.

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