Christmas Street Feeding Update!
Posted by Admin Date February 8, 2016
Thank you to everyone who donated so generously to help us feed street dogs and cats on Christmas Day! We were able to buy a lot of canned dog and cat food for feeding strays.

A huge thank you to everyone who helped pay for all this!

The goal of the Street Feeding Drive was to let as many stray animals as possible have at least one yummy and filling meal in their lives.

The weather was good and the streets were deserted, which allowed us to cover a lot of ground. But we also had a lot of work to do at the club, because the crew got the day off for Christmas, so the street feeding was carried out over two days. Here are some photos.

The cats in the top right photo were very thin but also very shy and after a lot of waiting it was a triumph when they finally went near the cat food.

Although the main objective was to feed strays, Ken felt that some dogs kept chained up or in miserable conditions also deserved a treat on Christmas Day. When he fed the dog in the top left photo, the owner asked if Ken could also feed their other dog, and Ken was happy to oblige (bottom left photo).

When feeding the dog in the top left photo, a cat started stealing his food! So Ken fed the cat as well (bottom left). Just a few yards down the road, Ken fed a fluffy little puppy who ate a lot despite his small size.

Many of the dogs we fed were terrified of anyone who paid them attention, which is probably how they evaded the City Pound to stay on the streets. In the top left photo, Ken is leaving food for a dog that went bounding down the dirt road at warp speed. The dog in the top right photo, eating in front of the truck, was also extremely shy and wouldn't touch his Christmas dinner until we were at least 100 yards away.

The chained up dog in the bottom left photo had just been fed by his owner, apparently, but it was just plain rice, so Ken decided to top up his lunch with gravy and Pedigree chunks. He gobbled it all up right away.

The fluffy dog (bottom left) was clearly someone's pet and very eager to be fed. Many many pets in the Philippines are underfed and starving, because the owners treat them as objects rather than members of the family.

Halfway through. Some dogs ate as many as 3 cans.

The dog in the top right photo was skinny but unfortunately he only ate a little bit. He probably has too many worms or some disease. But when Ken tried to approach him, he ran away. It takes time to gain the trust of street animals.

If Ken isn't in some of the photos, it's because he fell asleep in the truck. It was a long hot day, with a lot of driving. But it was also one of the most enjoyable and rewarding days since we started the shelter.

The mangy dog (bottom right) is in the dirt road right outside the Happy Animals Club premises, and the last dog we fed that day. After the street feeding, he perked up every time he saw Ken, so Ken kept feeding him regularly. Unfortunately he got run over by a motorcycle last week.

Even after feeding this many animals, we still had funds left over to catch up on vaccinations and other necessities. Thank you to all those who made it possible!

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