Ceiling's Transformation
Posted by Admin Date August 4, 2015
Ceiling is a feral cat who somehow got trapped in the attic of the building where the veterinary clinic is located. The vet broke the ceiling to get him out. Ceiling had just been rescued when Ken showed up at the clinic with Betty, whose sutures had come undone.

Since the veterinary clinic already has quite a few cats, Ken offered to take Ceiling to the club.

He was unbelievably skinny and we were worried he wasn't going to make it.

We weren't sure if Ceiling was exhausted, or just naturally friendly and relaxed. It turns out, he does have an easygoing personality, but he was probably exhausted as well.

But he ate steadily, and over the next few months his weight more than doubled. He is a fine-looking cat now, with a hearty appetite. He likes both Whiskas and dry food.

Ceiling put on a lot of weight!

Ceiling has always been unafraid of humans, and loves being petted. In fact, you need to be lightning fast when you stop petting Ceiling - if you try to withdraw your hand too slowly, Ceiling will grab it with his claws and pull it back towards him.

Ceiling on arrival at the club.
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