Bubblz the Bobblehead
Posted by Ken Date October 5, 2014 Retroactive Update Posted July 24, 2015
I was in Lanang, far away from the shelter, when I found a small weak kitten at a car wash. It belonged to the three-year-old son of two of the workers at the car wash. He told me the kitten had been dumped in the trash outside the car wash. The kitten was very skinny and the kid kept dragging it around like a stuffed toy. I showed the kid how to correctly hold the kitten because you have to support the butt. I left some cat food cans and told them I'd be back in a week with more cat food.

One week later I asked my dad to take me back to Lanang so we can check on the kitten. The kitten didn't gain any weight and it was very weak. We took the kitten to be dewormed and took it back to the car wash.

After another week, we went to Lanang again. The kitten was even skinnier than last time. I asked the mom and the boy if I could take the kitten back to my house for a week and feed her. They agreed so we took her home. She didn't have a name yet so I named her Bubblz.

It took longer than I thought for Bubblz to get strong again. I fed her with a syringe for about a week until she started eating on her own.

Bubblz after her first rescue. She was quite weak at first and we weren't sure she was going to make it.

Bubblz was too weak to eat by herself so I fed her with a syringe.

Bubblz wouldn't eat enough on her own, but she liked being fed. Here she is holding on to the syringe as if it were a baby bottle!

After two weeks Bubblz was looking healthy so it was time to take the kitten back to the car wash. By this time the family had a new kitten, which had also been dumped in the trash outside the car wash. The new kitten was named Gosh.

I returned Bubblz to her owners and left more cans of cat food. I promised to come back soon with more cat food.

After two weeks, Bubblz was much chubbier, cleaner, and healthier, so I returned her to the owners.

After a couple of weeks I went back to the car wash in Lanang yet again, with more cans of cat food and some dry food, which is cheaper, because I thought maybe Bubblz is big enough to eat dry food.

But when we found Bubblz she was very thin and weak again. The boy's mom told me Bubblz had been bitten by a stray dog and the dog was carrying her around, but she hit the dog with a stick until it let go. She also said that Gosh (their other cat) was eating all of Bubblz's food. The mom suggested that I get Bubblz again and keep her this time, because Gosh is a good eater and Bubblz is a slow eater.

I really wanted Bubblz's owners to be the ones who will take care of her, but I knew that she would be better off at the shelter.

This time, it took a really long time for Bubblz to get better. Her head was really wobbly, so we gave her Polynerv syrup every day in addition to food and vitamins. After a while she finally started to gain weight.

Bubblz never learned how to jump and run like other cats, and her head is still a little wobbly, but she became strong and healthy enough to get her operation. When the doctor opened her up he found out that there was something wrong with her internal organs called "uterine-bladder adhesion," but the doctor spayed her anyway and she recovered completely.

Bubblz is the only cat we know of who likes going for car rides. Other cats yowl and complain and crawl around, but Bubblz just sits quietly in the back seat. It's because of the many, many trips she made going back and forth to Lanang when she was a kitten!

Bubblz getting dewormed at the clinic for the second time.
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