Angela the Homecoming Queen
Posted by Admin Date July 9, 2015
Angela was a street mutt living under parked cars at a bank downtown. She was fed leftovers and given water by the kind-hearted manager of the bank.

It so happens that bank branch is where Happy Animals Club has its account. When the bank staff found out what we do, they suggested we take Angela to the shelter.

Angela was suffering from mange and worms, and she was a bit thin, probably due to not getting any food on weekends when the bank is closed. We took her to the vet, cleaned her up, and fed her as much as she would eat.

Angela two days after coming to the club.

It turns out, Angela is one of the friendliest dogs in the universe, and she brought much joy to the club. We bunked her with Emily, a paranoid vicious dog, and Emily has become much mellower thanks to Angela's influence. Emily now wags her tail when we go near Angela and Emily's apartment, which was unthinkable before.

After two months, with Angela looking much better, we decided to take her back to the bank for a reunion with the manager Madam Yvette, who is a dog lover and has numerous dogs at home. We spent a week training Angela to walk on a leash in anticipation of the grand homecoming.

The reunion was emotional and exciting for both dog and humans.

The reunion!
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