Angela has been spayed
Posted by Ken Date September 13, 2015
Angela, the friendliest dog in the club and possibly the galaxy, has finally been spayed! I have been looking forward to her operation so that she can come out of her apartment and join the other dogs and roam free in the dog yard. She can come out of her apartment as soon as the wound heals and the sutures are removed.

Angela was nibbling at her sutures so we had to put her in a cone. She does not like it one bit!

Spaying means that she had an operation so she won't get babies. We need to spay 4 more dogs this month, Hyena and the three sisters Kate, Maia, and Haifa. It is very important to give the dogs operations because there aren't enough people who want to take care of the puppies.

Spaying a girl dog costs a lot of money (9,000 pesos or more than $200). It's expensive because of the anesthesia drug for the operation which costs a lot.

If you can please help us get the girl dogs spayed!

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