All Soul's Day
Posted by Admin Date November 3, 2015
Like last year, Ken spent All Soul's Day at the Happy Animals Club pet cemetery. Unlike last year, when the only occupants were Dipper and Moo, this year a lively reunion took place with numerous dogs and cats whom we weren't able to save.

The Happy Animals Club pet cemetery in the annex on All Soul's Day. (The blue PVC pipes are temporary markers to keep track of where the graves are until we can put proper ones in place.)

November 1 and 2 (All Saints Day and All Soul's Day) are a major holiday in the Philippines, and everyone goes to the cemeteries to remember loved ones who passed away. Since many people have to return home to their provinces, most offices and businesses are closed.

The Happy Animals Club crew including the nighttime security guard got both days off, so Ken pulled two long shifts at the shelter and spent the night on a mattress in the club's office with big boy Ceiling and funny little cat Bubblz.

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