Adoption Drive
Posted by Ken Date July 25, 2015
In February a volunteer from Australia came to the club. Her name is Taylor. She loves animals. Many people wrote to us and said they wanted to volunteer at the club, but Taylor was the only one who showed up. She flew all the way from Australia to help take care of the animals!

Taylor walked the dogs, bathed the dogs, fed the cats, cleaned dogs' ears, and a lot more.

But the biggest thing Taylor did when she was here is make a presentation at my school. She mentioned that she was a singer in a choir and used to performing in front of crowds. So we came up with the idea of inviting her to come to my school and talk to the students about taking care of animals and adopting stray animals. I asked the administrator and principal of our school if Taylor could do a presentation for Happy Animals Club, and they agreed!

Taylor wrote a speech and practiced it in front of me and the dogs at the club.

On Friday March 6th, Taylor took Libby and Marife to the school, and did the presentation in front of the whole school.

Taylor on stage with Libby and Marife.

The speech was very interesting and everyone paid close attention.

Here is Payton from Grade 2 answering a question. She got it right!

The kids kept saying Libby is so cute!

Everyone wanted to touch Libby. She was like a rock star!

We then had cards printed and distributed them to most of the kids in the school.

Many kids said they wanted to adopt a pet. I expected half the animals at the club to find a home. I was excited and sad at the same time and spent a lot of time playing with the puppies because I thought they would be leaving the club soon. But none of the kids ended up adopting an animal. Even Libby who everyone loved so much when she came to the school didn't get adopted. She's still at the club. One of my classmates really wanted a cat but his mom said no. We found out that it is really very hard to find homes for the animals in the shelter.

A big thank you to Taylor for doing the presentation, and to the school for making it happen. It was the first time we did something like this, and that makes it an important event in the story of Happy Animals Club.

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