Species Feline Gender Female
Origin Street Rescue Date May 1, 2016
Spayed No
Siblings lotus, shelby
Status Adoptable
Lotus, Shelby, and Zonda were dumped in a ditch and found by a kid in the neighborhood. One of the kid's friends wanted to take care of the kittens but was denied permission by his guardian, so they asked Ken to take care of it.

The kittens' eyes were already open, but they were too young to eat solid food. They were probably between 1 and 2 weeks old. They still had to be fed formula.

Since it was the summer vacation (April and May in the Philippines), Ken took care of the kittens himself, bottle-feeding them around the clock. Nobody bottle-fed the three kittens except Ken.

The kittens will be available for adoption as soon as they are vaccinated.

Zonda, like her sister Shelby, used up one of her nine lives early on. She developed an infection and we found her on the brink of death early one morning. The vet ran a blood test and put her on antibiotics. Ken also gave her an enema. It turns out she was badly constipated, which could have had something to do with her condition. After that enema, she started pooping normally. Zonda eats like a horse. If you adopt Zonda you'd better have a lot of cat food ready.

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