Species Feline Gender Male
Origin Dumped Rescue Date April 6, 2015
Neutered No
Sibling Yang
Status Adoptable
Ying and his brother Yang were dumped outside the Happy Animals Club. Ying is a very affectionate kitten, he loves to climb up on you and purr.

Ying and Yang have colorations that are sort of reversed. Ying is mostly black with patches of white, while Yang is mostly white with blotches of black. But coloration aside, they complement each other perfectly.

Special Needs and Requirements
Ying should be adopted together with his brother Yang.
Photos of Ying
Posts Featuring Ying
POSTED BY Admin DATE April 29, 2015 Retroactive Update Posted July 25, 2015
The Chillest Cat in the Country
We decided to take some photos of Ying and Yang's distended bellies, to show how much they'd been eating. Then something amazing happened. We found out that Yang thinks Ken is his own personal [ CONT ]
POSTED BY Admin DATE October 5, 2015
Videos of Ying & Yang
Ying and Yang are two brothers who were dumped outside the shelter in April, 2015. Here is a clip from a few days after they were brought into the shelter. Come September, 2015, they had [ CONT ]

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