Species Canine Gender Male
Origin Street Rescue Date July 25, 2015
Neutered Yes
Status Passed Away
Woody is an elderly dog whom Ken saw outside the exclusive Woodridge Subdivision on the way to a bike ride. While feeding woody on the street he noticed that Woody was emaciated and in bad shape. It turns out Woody is friendly and allowed himself to be petted, so we cancelled the bike ride and took Woody to the shelter.

Woody is an elderly dog with only few teeth. He was covered in lice and was suffering from a respiratory infection. We spared no expense or effort in nurturing Woody. He prefers to eat at night, so at night he gets two packs of Cesar and two bowls of pork chops. He has been slowly gaining weight and his respiratory infection seems to be gradually getting better. He is heartworm-positive, though, which makes his condition difficult to treat.

Despite his poor condition, Woody barks energetically and dances around his apartment whenever Ken comes to the club.

UPDATE (August, 2016): Woody had heartworm tests done and these indicate that he is not heartworm-positive after all. Previously, a vet said that he is heartworm positive due to his blood work.

FINAL UPDATE: Woody passed away on June 16, of old age. He died peacefully in his sleep. He was a happy dog who wagged his tail a lot, right until he died.

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