Species Canine Gender Female
Origin Street Rescue Date February 21, 2014
Spayed Yes
Mother Blackie Sibling Brownie
Status Permanent Resident
Formerly known as White Puppy, Whitey is one of the three dogs that were instrumental in the creation of the Happy Animals Club. Along with Blackie and Brownie, Whitey was a street dog which was being fed semi-regularly by Ken. When photos of Ken feeding Whitey and her family on the street were posted on the web, many kind people offered their generous financial support, leading to the establishment of this shelter.

Whitey doesn't look at all like her mother, Blackie, but is the only dog that Blackie gets along with. Whitey strongly resembles her father, a dog called Hoppy whom we were not able to bring to the shelter.

Whitey is a super-loving dog and the embodiment of affection, and she always greets Ken and others with a warm hug and a kiss. However, as alpha dog of Dog Area I, she is strict with the other dogs, and can be quite vicious when subduing members of her pack. However, like her mother Blackie, she would never, ever as much as growl at a human.

Special Needs and Requirements
Whitey had two relapses of mange since coming to the shelter, which was baffling at first. The first relapse was blamed on the quality of the food, so we switched to premium dog food for all dogs. But despite bathing once a week and eating nothing but premium dog food, she had another relapse of mange a few months later. It seems that once a dog has had mange, she can be prone to relapses. As such, Whitey requires regular bathing with acaricide solution to keep the mange in check, but not to often, because apparently acaricide can be a strain on the liver.
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