Species Gender Female
Origin Street Rescue Date January 16, 2016
Spayed No
Status Pending
Tawny is a one-eyed dog we rescued from the street. At the time she had a large tumor, which was surgically removed. She is energetic yet affectionate, small yet surprisingly powerful. Tawny is a very special dog because she is more expressive than any other dog in the shelter. She likes to smile, she likes to hug, and she likes to talk.

Although much healthier than before, Tawny still has some health issues to be worked out.

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POSTED BY Admin DATE February 23, 2016
Meet Tawny!
On the way back from purchasing a new scale for weighing the dogs, we noticed a little one-eyed dog sniffing at garbage by the roadside. It looked skinny, so we did what we always do: we [ CONT ]

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