Species Feline Gender Female
Origin Other Rescue Date June 22, 2016
Spayed No
Offspring taquitos, nachos, churros
Status Pending
Tacomama is a little feral cat who started going through our trash. We called her Taco Mama because someone speculated that she might be Taco's mother (Taco is a cat who showed up at the shelter one day and refused to leave.)

We started feeding her leftover Whiskas every evening when she showed up. She then started showing up in the mornings as well. She wouldn't let herself be petted at first, but Ken spent time reaching out to her, talking to her, and getting to know her. Eventually she allowed herself to be touched, and even held.

We noticed that she gave birth and that she was nursing her young. She was always ravenous so we switched from feeding her leftovers to feeding her the best possible food. She'd show up, eat in a hurry, and then disappear, presumably to go feed her babies.

One day she brought her kittens to the shelter. That was one of the best days in the history of the shelter. On that day, Tacomama and her kittens officially became members of the Happy Animals Club.

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