Species Feline Gender Male
Origin Other Rescue Date October 12, 2015
Neutered No
Status Adoptable
Taco is an unusual case. He became a member of the club by rescuing himself.

Taco wasn't the first stray to wander into the club. Occasionally neighborhood cats intrude into the compound by accident, but they tend to leave in a hurry when 30+ dogs start barking and they find what they got themselves into. Not Taco. He entered the Happy Animals Club compound by crawling under the gate, evaded Maia and Haifa, then parked himself out of reach.

Since he was neither skinny nor sick, we put back him outside. A while later he came back. The carers snuck him cat food without permission before he was kicked out again. He kept coming back, and the nighttime security guard reported that Taco spent the night at his feet. Having tamed the security guard, whose job is to keep intruders out, Taco earned the right to stay at the club.

Unlike the other cats, Taco isn't confined to the Cat Villa, and is free to come and go, except that he doesn't go.

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