Sweety Pie
Species Canine Gender Female
Origin Abandoned Rescue Date October 16, 2015
Spayed No
Status Passed Away
Sweety Pie is an abused dog who was found abandoned on the street.

Ken had been cruising the neighborhood in search of Mister Dog, a large starving stray dog he started feeding about a week earlier. When Ken found and approached Mister Dog, a pretty dog started cooing for attention - before Ken had even started feeding Mister Dog. She just wanted attention.

Immediately Ken petted her and saw that she had a huge wound on her backside. After feeding Mister Dog, we went around the neighborhood asking vendors and tricycle drivers (motorized tricycles are the mainstay of transportation in residential areas) about the dog.

What seems to have happened is that Sweety developed the tumor a couple of weeks ago, and that the owner had abandoned her as a result. She also had rashes on her neck from having worn a chain for a long time. Having established that Sweety was both abused and abandoned, we took her to the veterinary clinic. She wasn't afraid and never even growled.

The vet quickly diagnosed Canine Transmissible Venereal Tumor (TVT), a form of cancer which is treatable because the cancerous cells are not the host's own cells.

A lab test was done to confirm the diagnosis on Friday, and on Saturday Sweety underwent an operation to remove the tumor. The vet removed 3 tumors 'the size of golf balls'. The surgery cost 8,845 pesos.

After a week-long break, Sweety will start chemotherapy to prevent the tumor from coming back. There is no risk of metastasis. Each chemo session is expected to cost between 1,500 and 2,000 pesos.

Special Needs and Requirements
Chemotherapy until November, 2016.
Tags tvt
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POSTED BY Admin DATE October 31, 2015
Sweety Pie's Road to Recovery
On October 14, Ken saw a dog with a large open wound. She was approachable and friendly, and had chafing on her neck due to the chain she was dragging around. After asking around in the [ CONT ]

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