Species Feline Gender Male
Origin Other Rescue Date July 14, 2015
Neutered Yes
Status Passed Away
Spike is called Spike because he has a graph on his forehead, and the graph shows a spike.

Spike used to hang out at the facilities where Ken used to play soccer. One of the cooks at the restaurant had been feeding him, and Ken would occasionally give him a can of Friskies.

One day a friendly staff member alerted us that the new general manager had ordered all strays to be removed from the premises and "disposed of." We tried to find someone to take him home, but without luck. With the deadline looming just 12 hours ahead, Ken decided to bring Spike to the shelter.

It was a rescue with mixed feelings, because Spike was happy, and being cared for. He also had a lot of friends: the receptionist at the sports club and one of the trainers used to pet him. Nobody ever complained about him. But he had to be brought to a shelter simply because one person was being mean, for no reason.

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