Species Feline Gender Male
Origin Other Rescue Date July 15, 2015
Neutered Yes
Status Adoptable
It was the nighttime security guard who first alerted us to the fact that a cat was in the attic of the shelter. We assumed a stray cat was helping itself to the rats living there, and didn't think much of it.

But a few days later, the cat was still heard meowing somewhere above the ceiling, so we put a dish of water through a loose ceiling panel.

Eventually, two staff members went up into the attic to see if the cat had been trapped. After half an hour of crawling through dust and cobwebs and various electrical wiring, we couldn't find anything.

Then we heard some noises on the roof, and suddenly Ken was yelling that he had found the cat. It turns out that cat - actually only a kitten - was sitting in a small space where two roofs met each other. If Ken hadn't broken rules and climbed up the ladder on the roof, we'd never have found it.

How the kitten got into our attic remains a mystery.

Sky is a cute, sweet kitten. He survived a bad eye infection and now she is ready for adoption.

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