Species Feline Gender Male
Origin Dumped Rescue Date August 23, 2015
Neutered No
Status Already Adopted
Scotch was dumped outside the shelter on September 8, 2015. Scotch is a large amount of 100% pure cuteness concentrated into a tiny body. We've dubbed him the "Ridiculously Photogenic Kitten" and if there is any justice in this world he will go viral and become famous worldwide.
Special Needs and Requirements
You may need to wear shades so your brain doesn't explode from the raw cuteness radiated by this kitten.
Posts Featuring Scotch
POSTED BY Admin DATE September 7, 2015
Introducing: Ridiculously Photogenic Kitten
Not for the first time, someone dumped a kitten outside Happy Animals Club, at the foot of a banana tree next to the corner of the shelter. Ken heard it meowing on the other side of the [ CONT ]
POSTED BY Admin DATE November 5, 2015
Scotch Has Found a Home!
Not surprisingly, ridiculously photogenic kitten Scotch has found a forever home. New owner Gwen discovered Happy Animals Club while searching online for a cat to adopt, and visited the [ CONT ]

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