Species Canine Gender Female
Origin Street Rescue Date July 28, 2015
Spayed Yes
Status Adoptable
Rosie was rescued from the roadside. Rosie's rescue was a major milestone for the Happy Animals Club because Rosie was the first dog to be rescued following the decision to establish the shelter.

When Rosie was rescued we still didn't have any facilities, so she stayed in the garage of our home together with Whitey and Brownie.

Rosie has a bad leg which doesn't bend at the knee - the vet says it is inborn - but that doesn't stop her from being active and energetic. Rosie will need a lot of free space for scurrying around to be happy.

Special Needs and Requirements
When it's hot Rosie needs to get a haircut every now and then.
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POSTED BY Ken DATE December 26, 2014
Rosie Needs a Home
Rosie is a loving little dog who was born with a bad leg. When I found her abandoned on the street she was in bad shape. Now she is a happy, pretty dog! Her leg problem doesn't stop her [ CONT ]
POSTED BY Ken DATE July 1, 2014 Retroactive Update Posted July 11, 2015
How to Make a Birthday Cake for Dogs
I decided to celebrate my birthday this year with the dogs the people around the world helped me rescue from the streets. Since normal cake contains sugar and is bad for dogs, I made a cake [ CONT ]

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