Species Feline Gender Male
Origin Street Rescue Date July 14, 2014
Neutered Yes
Sibling Bo
Status Already Adopted
Rain and his brother Bo were first spotted playing at an intersection in a residential neighborhood we pass through on our way to the shelter. We assumed they were somebody's pets.

But we kept seeing them again and again over the course of a fortnight, and each time we saw them they were skinnier and dirtier. Eventually we started canvassing the houses to find out who they belonged to.

Since Rain and Bo were unafraid of humans, securing them was easy. Ken brought Rain and Bo from house to house, but nobody admitted to owning them. We were not able to establish which house they had come from, making it likely that they had been left at the intersection.

Ken decided to bring them to the shelter before they became thinner or before they got run over.

Both Rain and Bo have bright, sunny personalities - hence their name - and hearty appetites. They are starting to get chubby!

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